FAQs and Useful Information


What qualifications should I look for in a playground inspector?

In order to carry out Annual and Post Installation Inspections, you should only use RPII inspectors who are qualified to an ‘Annual’ Level.

The RPII (Register of Playground Inspectors) is an independent examination body that provides certification and training to ensure that playground inspectors are properly qualified. Within the RPII, there are 3 different levels of inspectors: Routine, Operational and Annual. It’s highly recommended that you use the correct level of inspector for the type of inspection you would like carried out, as the level of knowledge required between Operational and Annual inspectors varies to a significant degree.

All RPII Annual Inspectors will be able to issue proof of their status in the form of a certificate and an ID badge including their DBS number, If still in doubt, you should refer to the RPII website where a full list of Annual Inspectors can be found.


What should I be inspecting on routine/visual inspections?

Obvious hazards such as vandalism e.g. broken glass or bottles, use or weather conditions. For playgrounds subject to heavy use or vandalism, daily inspections can be necessary.


How frequently should play equipment be inspected

It’s recommended in BS EN 1176 that inspections are carried out regularly throughout the course of the year. By carrying out regular inspections and keeping accurate records you can manage your risk and liability effectively.

The 3 types of inspections recommended are:

  •    • Routine Visual (daily or weekly depending on use of the site).
  •    • Operationals (monthly or quarterly depending on use of site).
  •    • Annuals (once a year).


Why do I need an annual inspection

The annual inspection is a very important link between you, the users and the safety of your play area. Although you are not breaking any laws by not undertaking inspections, if there is an accident on the site your position could be considerably weakened. In our experience a regular inspection regime can reduce general maintenance costs considerably.


Who are the RPII (Register of play Inspector’s International)?

The Register of Play Inspectors International (RPII) is the official UK body for examining, accrediting and certificating inflatable, indoor and outdoor play inspectors. The RPII also accredits courses for the training of inspectors to ensure that playground safety standards are met and adhered to for your complete peace of mind.