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Annual Playground Inspections

These inspections should be carried out by an appropriately qualified inspector who is independent to the owner or operator of the play area. This inspection will review the condition of the equipment, safety surfaces and general environment. It will provide a full written report with risk assessment advising whether the playground/equipment meets the relevant safety standards and identify any non-compliant areas or items.

boy on slide

Post Installation Inspections

BS EN1176 recommends all newly installed playgrounds and equipment have a post installation inspection by an independent RPII qualified Annual Inspector to ensure they meet the requirements.

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Operational Playground Inspections

These inspections monitor the condition of the equipment and provide a reassuring quality control for the daily/weekly visual inspections. These inspections should be carried out monthly (recommended) or quarterly (maximum period between inspections). Operational inspections can be conducted by either a qualified inspector or an appropriately trained member of staff.


Post-Accident Inspections

In the unfortunate event of an accident, we can provide a post-accident inspection which, together with any other information you have, can be used to improve the safety of the playground.